StrikersBlog: Hunger Strike for Sudan- Because what happens in Sudan impacts me!

By: @VirgiC21

October 22nd, 2013


After a Facebook Message from a friend telling me that she was going on a 5 day hunger strike to aware people of the situation her country, Sudan, is going through I couldn’t help myself to want to support her… and what a better way than to join in the Hunger Strike. Believe it or not is the first time I do something like this, I think that I am one of the lucky ones that lives in a country in which this kind of civic engagement is rarely seen, and even though I am a pretty engaged and I studied International Relations I have to admit, I didn’t know anything about Sudan. Neither did I really care because it didn’t directly impact me. This year I joined a multinational program and went from not having any Sudanese friends to meeting 15 young wonderful Sudanese leaders that I have no doubt will change the future of their country.
Being around all these amazing leaders has made me rethink things and realize that whatever happens in their far away from me countries DOES and SHOULD matter to me. Today I spent 24 hrs without tasting anything else but water and I feel great! I got to work earlier because I didn’t have to eat breakfast or pack lunch, I was more productive because I didn’t remember that I had an hour lunch in between, I was inspired by seeing the Facebook profiles of my Sudanese friends protesting in front of the white house and I got retweeted in Arabic by people I didn’t know showing support because I was the “one Panamanian that is striking, why aren’t you?” Anyways, the fact that I haven’t tasted food yet hasn’t hit me, because I am so rewarded to know that I am not the only one and because this is proving to me how interconnected this world really is.
On my way home from work I saw a homeless guy I have seen a couple of times before in the entrance to the Metro that held a sign that said “Help me and show some human kindness”… On Thursday while I read his sign I got to presence human kindness when I saw another homeless man get up and give half his sandwich to the man holding the sign… Seeing him today has a very “in my face” sign that what I am doing is the RIGHT THING TO DO! If I really want to change this world I have to put myself into everyone’s shoes and TODAY I am so happy to feel hungry like all the other Sudanese youth exposing their country’s reality and cold and weak like the homeless outside the metro stop.
Even though I was going to do this for 24hrs I have decided to do it for 48hrs because I feel great, because I want to see the homeless guy tomorrow give him a Two Degrees Bar and because I can’t wait to see what life has to teach me in one more day of showing human kindness.


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