StrikersBlog: #Strike4Sudan – Day 2

By: Sudanese Actifist 

Oct 22nd, 2013

I did not prepare for this hunger strike. I did all the wrong things. I ate too much the day before I went on strike; I’ve been going out and moving alot when I was supposed to keep that to a minimum and now I’m suffering the consequences. My flu is worse and my energy level is zero. Terribly exhausted- physically and mentally.

I was preparing to read a poem about arbitrary political detention and torture in Sudan at a Poetry event today but tickets were sold out. I’ll go again tomorrow inshallah and a bunch of Sudanese people who I don’t even know said they will come to the event to show support which is just absolutely beautiful.

I feel that what is more important than this simple act of not eating is the fact that many Sudanese activists are striking. We are all striking as ONE to deliver ONE strong message. In our strike and in our unity we have power. All the helplessness I felt about government atrocities in Sudan has now diminished like never before. I feel empowered. Through myself and many others, through this collective act of striking, I feel that my voice is being heard and that it will contribute towards change inshallah.

I hope that everyone who is on strike is not just curling at home in starvation. Strikers, make your voices heard, talk about what you’re doing and the cause that motivates you. It’s our voices that give us strength.

Speaking of strength, I am exhausted (lol). Will blog again later. Meanwhile please sign the petition:

Have a good day :-)


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