StrikersBlog: Thoughts on a Hunger Strike #Strike4Sudan

By: Bit Azza

October 22nd 2013

This is the second day of our hunger strike. I spent the first day thinking about why I was doing this, what was my motivation. I already knew it, but it’s a lot to put into words. There are the demands of course, and then there are the personal experiences. Each Sudanese person, in Sudan or abroad, has a story. More often than not, that story has some relation to the horrible state the country is in, and the NCP government is no small part of that.

I worry this will not get as much attention as we hope it will but at least our spirits are in it. The revolution is not dead. It is alive in our spirits. I had trouble deciding if I want to be a part of this, mainly because I’m cynical about trying to get the attention, and action, of the international community. But the demands are simple and I agree with them. This isn’t an act by the Sudanese Diaspora desperately trying to appeal to the international community because we have all the hope in them. We have hope in Sudan.

Every person participating in this (and every person not) has more to demand those three things above. We want our dignity, our security, our home. From the comfort of Montreal, behind my computer screen, I say all these things. I am well aware of my privileged position. I spent my time trying to spread hope, encouraging people to go out and demonstrate while I retweet their pictures and tell them what hashtag to use. I am well aware of my privileged position. But this position does not mean I am useless. In fact, I hope to be of use some day, real use, using my abilities kind of use. And this hunger strike may not be of use, because all I’m doing is not eating by choice for a few days and then I’ll go back to the way things were. But I really hope someone notices and pays attention. And I really hope someone is motivated, encouraged and feels the spirit.

I hope someone knows that there is a revolution taking place and it’s not just the protesters on the streets, it’s in our minds and our spirits. It’s not just the ones living in Sudan, it’s also all of us who have been forced to leave. We’re changing. We are all connected and that’s why we stand together in solidarity. I hope you know we’re all connected.


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